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Excuses are what stand between success and failure. Hence, it’s important that you identify the characteristics needed to move past life’s hurdles. In this book, you will discover the courage, power, and resilience necessary to push you forward. After taking the journey with iconic women in the Bible, you are sure to remove all barriers that attempt to block you from accomplishing your dreams. Challenges will become opportunities, difficult test will become testimonies, and your setbacks will become platforms for a comeback.The reader is left with no other option but to relinquish all excuses and adopt the motto… “Do it Anyway!”

Do it for Yourself


Servant Leadership

Have you ever been in a leadership position, putting in the time, working hard, and still struggling to bring your team together? You are not alone. In fact, you are in good company. This feeling of frustration is likely spreading from you to your entire team and causing real damage, and you may not even know it's happening. It was this very feeling that led me to write the book I wish I had read before getting into leadership. Leading isn't about checking boxes or managing resources, it's about connecting with people and setting them up for success. I chose to focus on checking boxes and focusing on things rather than people and I learned a few painful lessons I hope to share with you in this book. I hope it helps elevate you and your leadership.